Why Choose Us


24 Hour Plumber Aid for Emergency Plumbing in Los Angeles Honesty, Reliability, Quality is the Los Angeles Plumbing creed, and it is the promise that we make to our customers.  Our demonstration of these qualities enables us to build extended relationships with our customers.


Why should you choose Los Angeles Plumbing?

  • Our plumbers are experts in the field.
  • Our plumbers are prepared for 24 hours emergency plumbing.
  • We are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We practice environmentally friendly plumbing.
  • We provide you with written quote at no charge.
  • We don’t add fees for overtime.
  • We are pleased to service apartment buildings.
  • We offer options for financing.


Do you have any questions about your plumbing problems? Contact us at 310-853-1555 and stop worrying about it.