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Get Rid of Tree Roots in the Sewer Line

Posted on: June 1st, 2014 by pllosangeles No Comments

If you have been living in your home for more than 15 years and there are large trees in the yard where sewer lines are installed, there is a big possibility that you might be experiencing tree root issues in the sewer. If you experience troubles in your sewage, it is best to hire professionals in dealing with tree root issues.

Sewer line Replacement

When roots get into your sewer lines, it would surely cause severe damages. If you think about removing the old lines and replace it with new ones, you really have to brace yourself for the expense. The expense is high mainly because this is a big job.

If budget is not a problem for you, then going for replacement would be a great idea. However, most homeowners would certainly not settle with this option yet not unless they have already tried other cost-effective options.

Using Anti-root treatment

This option works well when the roots are just starting to grow in your sewer lines. The chemical contents of this product could help a lot kill the roots before it could do any damage in the lines.

However, when the problem is already serious, this product might not anymore work well. The root condition in your drains could be too much to handle for this treatment.

Power Drain Augers

This power drain augers is a tool that is almost the same as a drain snake but it could reach farther. It could run through your pipes eliminating the roots that it passes through. It has enough force to break roots for it is attached to a specialized machine that pushes it forward.

It is very important that you are careful in choosing the professional who will do the service using power drain augers. It is necessary that he would evaluate first the problem and ensure that high quality materials are tools are used to prevent problems like a broken cable.

It would be a good decision on your part if you simply go for the service of a plumber who has enough experience when it comes to using this technology in dealing with tree roots in the drain.

Preventive measures

It would be best that you regularly check your drain lines for tree root issues at least twice a year especially when you have trees in your yard. With this, you will know if roots are already causing issues in your drain.

The plumbers who will do the inspection could recommend you with efficient means to deal with the problem while it is still minor and is not causing property damages yet.

To take care of tree root issues in your plumbing, call Los Angeles Plumbing. We give you the assurance that our service is reliable and guaranteed. Call us now and experience fast and dependable service.