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Easy Ways to Fix Roof Leak

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by pllosangeles No Comments

Do not anymore wait for severe damage before you think about fixing any roof leak. The problem with some homeowners is that they wait for a heavy rain prior to seriously dealing with the leak in their roof. This is usually a late response to the problem and surely you would suffer the consequences of delayed action.

Common Places Leaks Occur in Roofing

Leaks in your roof could happen anywhere in your roof. Below are the most common places where leak could happen.

  • Ice dams
  • Wall step flashings
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Plumbing vent flashing

Even though homeowners have some ideas on the common places where the leak could start, they still find it hard to find its exact location. With this, it is also impossible to do the needed repair.

The reason for having leak in the roof is no other than wear and tear. As time goes by, the roof would experience various weathers which slowly decrease its quality. There is really no stopping these leaks from happening.

Tips to find the source of the roof leak

Water will drip through the ceiling, but it does not mean that the leak is directly above it. You could surely find these tips helpful in locating the leak in your roof.

You could start in the attic which is directly above the dripping water in your ceiling. You could follow the water strain for it would surely lead you to its source.

It would also help to get the aid of a friend to hose your roof. With this, you could check where the water will go the same as what would happen when it rains.

If you successfully found the hole, put a mark on it so that you could easily find it next time you look for it for repair. For those who have asphalt shingles as roof, the best thing to do is to replace those worn out shingles. Search for dark patches for it is a sign that it is losing its surface granules. A missing shingle could also be the cause of the dripping in your ceiling.

Simple Emergency Repairs to Reduce Leakage

The best way to deal with leaks in the roof is to perform some preventive measures than to deal with the damage. Be sure that you go for regular checking of your roof for cracks in the chimney, degraded flashings and leaks in the shingles.

Also, see to it that you fix a leak right away even if it’s still a minor problem. Since it is very complex to fix issues in your roof, have it done by a professional.

We at Los Angeles Plumbing are ready to provide you the service you need. Our plumbers are well-experienced when it comes to finding the leaks in the roof and fixing it fast. We would be with you after an hour of your call.