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Rooter service is a new market so it is very important that you make sure to only hire experienced professionals when it comes to dealing with roots in drainage. At Rooter Service from Los Angeles Plumbing, you can be assured that we have full knowledge on how to deal with this blockage. We utilize the right machine and equipment to effectively go through the drains and deal with the roots.


No matter how reliable your drainage system is, time will eventually come that it would experience some root problems. This is because drainage pipes degenerate in time, thus some small holes or leaks would form where the root may start to grow. It is very important to detect this kind of problem in sewage system in an early stage before it could cause more serious damage.


When a root finds its way into your lines, it would certainly grow into a bigger problem since the environment is just what these roots are longing for. These roots would grow with the moisture, warmness and darkness in the environment. We could help when it comes to checking if your drainage has some root problems. Also, when this problem is detected, we could deal with the problem easily. Do not anymore wait for the problem to get worse, let us check your drainage to ensure that nothing would cause you great amount of damage in the future.


You might be asking, “Do I need new drains due to the roots?” Definitely no! Our company could help you resolve any root problem in your drainage without replacing your drains. We have done this several time so expect that our professional plumbers know what they have to. Drain replacement is quite a big expense so with small root problems, better let us handle it.

Do not hesitate to call us at 310-853-1555 and let us deal with the root problem the best way possible.