Professional Drain Cleaning and Repair Service

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Whether the problem is on small drainage lines or main line, it is important that this problem is addressed immediately before it wreaks havoc to your home. Los Angeles Plumbing could help. We are experts when it comes to drain cleaning and repair.


No matter how efficient your drainage system is, time will come that it would need proper and efficient cleaning. Roots, toilet papers, and hair could cause a lot of problem to your sewer line. Clogs on these lines could lead to leaks and worse property damage.


We know how serious it is to properly clean your drains at home. With this, we practice the best technique when it comes to doing our job. Our years of experience in the business make us among the best in Los Angeles.


Here are more reasons to consider our drain cleaning & repair service:

  • We utilize the right equipment in checking drains and removing any build up in the drainpipe. Among the equipment we use is hydro-jet. This is used to remove any debris in the pipe lines using high-pressure water.
  • In checking sewer lines, we utilize high definition camera which enables us to effectively see what is inside the pipes. This way, inspection could be done fast and more accurate. We strongly recommend that you call us for this kind of inspection in a regular basis since early detection of sewer line problems could save you a lot. Do not anymore wait to experience clogs before you call our service.
  • At Los Angeles Plumbing, we only use environment-friendly drain cleaning solutions. This solution is used to help prevent any debris from easily forming in the sewer lines. It helps a lot to avoid any clogs in a long time.


To schedule a drain cleaning service, call us at 310-853-1555 and let our company perform what we do best.