How Video Sewer Inspection Works

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Video sewer inspection is a modern way to do septic tank maintenance. You will get to check if the sewer lines are in good working condition and if there are blockages or clogs to be dealt with. In addition, you will also see if your sewer is still functioning properly or if it requires repairs or replacements.


Reasons to Inspect the Sewer Lines


There are good reasons why you should check your sewer lines. Most of them are preventive maintenance measures. Normally, there is always a good reason to have video sewer inspection done in your place. To name a few:


  1. You bought a new house that was previously owned. It is always good to have video sewer inspection done especially if the house has been built for a decade or two. Chances are tree roots have already damaged the sewer or the sewer is already full and needs emptying.
  2. You inherited an old house. Older homes that get inherited usually have older pipes installed in them too. This means the sewer lines are not as good and replacement would be necessary either re-piping is needed or you may have to replace the sewer. Video sewer inspection can do a thorough check for your safety and protection before you move in or you allow others to use it.
  3. You are selling your place. Getting video sewer inspection done before selling your place can help you increase the asking price for your home especially if video sewer inspection results show that your sewer is in good working condition. Transparency to the next homeowners will also be a good selling point especially when it comes to real estate deals. You can also avoid future complaints and legal issues if you detect the sewer issues early on.
  4. You smell foul odor in your current place and you cannot determine where it is coming from. Most of the time foul odor is due to sewer line issues. Getting video sewer inspection done will help you understand the cause of the issue. You will know exactly what the problem is and deal with it accordingly.


Method Done in Video Sewer Inspection


Video sewer inspection is a very simple but also a very useful way of checking your sewer lines. First, they will let the camera snake through the sewer lines. This happens while you see everything that the video sees inside your sewer through a separate monitor. Normally, you would see the stuff the cause blockage and clogging in your sewer lines. You will also check if your sewer lines are damaged which could be the reason why you have foul odor emission.


The cost of video sewer inspection is nothing compared to the various issues and solutions that it can uncover for you. Repair maintenance cost is usually lower compared to getting a new sewer not to mention healthcare cost that could rise due to health issues that comes with sewer line problems. However, some plumbing companies implement the trenchless method in installing a new sewer which can also help you save a lot compared to the regular sewer installation method.


Video sewer inspection is becoming popular especially in various areas today to avoid compromising health and safety of tenants, homeowners and future homeowners and their families. When areas are previously flooded, doing video sewer inspection also works to help you avoid dangerous plumbing issues. In fact, even buildings that have been previously affected by earthquakes and other natural calamities should undergo video sewer inspection to see the damaging effect to your sewer lines.


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